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Преподобный Феодор исповедник и брат его исповедник Феофан НачертанныеСвятой первомученик архидиакон Стефан
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December 27/January 9

Third Day of the Feast of the Nativity.

Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen (34) (Acts 6:8-7:5, 47-60; Matt. 21:33-42). St. Theodore Graptus (“the Branded”), of Palestine and Bithynia, confessor (840). St. Maximus, bishop of Alexandria (282). St. Theodore, patriarch of Constantinople (686). St. Luke, monk, of Tryglia. New Hieromartyrs Tikhon (Nikanorov), archbishop of Voronezh, and with him 160 martyred priests (1919). (Gr. Cal.: Martyrs Maurice and his son Photinus, with 70 soldiers, of Apamea [286-305].)
Repose of Nicholas Ilminsky, missionary to the Tatars (1891), Archimandrite Agathangelus of Svir and Valaam (1909), Helen Ivanovna Motovilova (1910), Abbot Athanasius of Grigoriou, Mt. Athos (1953), and Archimandrite Seraphim (Rozenberg) of the Pskov Caves Monastery (1993).
James 3:11-4:6
Mark 11:23-26
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Russian version

SAINT THEOPHAN THE RECLUSE (1815–1894) was one of the most prolific and beloved spiritual writers of nineteenth-century Russia. His works, which comprise over twenty volumes, include such classics as The Path to Salvation and A Commentary on Psalm 118, as well as many volumes of letters. Although he lived the last twenty-eight years of his life as a hermit, his impact on his homeland was immense. His articles appeared in the popular spiritual journals of his time, his books were in great demand, and he personally replied to an average of thirty letters daily.
In the present book, Thoughts for Each Day of the Year, St. Theophan takes us through the yearly cycle of Gospel and Epistle readings, humbly and reverently offering us brief but powerful daily meditations on the word of God. He also addresses the problems of his day—lack of faith, coldness of heart, trust in the rational mind rather than in the revealed Truth of God—which are problems of our day as well.
Contemplating the sacred texts together with St. Theophan, the reader will learn to penetrate more deeply into Holy Scripture, and will receive answers to many dogmatic, moral, and spiritual questions which touch upon our salvation. Thoughts for Each Day of the Year can help us to more closely connect our lives with the life of Christ in His Holy Church, and to gain a better knowledge of how to fulfill His commandments. By reading St. Theophan's daily exhortations and taking them to heart, one can be changed by the grace-filled power of our Savior, in accordance with the teaching of the Apostle Paul: Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Rom. 11:2).
Thoughts for Each Day of the Year is published by St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood and Sretensky Monastery.
It is available at stherman.com/Catalog/Spiritual_Counsels/Daily_Thoughts_Book.html.

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